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The “year of dog” Moutai liquor has an outstanding saucy mouthfeel, rich and thick spirit body, lasting aftertaste and long-lasting fragrance even in the empty cup. This spirit adopts the minimalist “space gray” to symbolize elegance and exquisiteness. Coupled with the traditional Chinese painting created by Mr. Ji Lianbin and the calligraphy works created by Mr. Zeng Laide for the year of the Dog. This liquor becomes an integration of Moutai culture and traditional culture, boasts special artistic taste as well as high collection value, and delivers the blessings of Moutai liquor.


52% ALC/VOL,750ML Distilled as a tribute to the cultural heritage of our distillery, the Spirit of China is a specially made liquor and our most premium product. Tasting Notes: Apple, pear, and grape skin dominate the nose, and earthier fermented notes can also be detected. An explosion of umami flavours on the palate, with pineapple, liquorice, sesame and seaweed notes that build to an expansive finish.

$100 Virtual Gift Card

$100 Gift Card. Gift Cards must be redeemed through our site Web site toward the purchase of eligible products.

National Cellar X Australian Open 'Winning Moments' 40% 750ML

The Australian Open has landed a significant partnership deal with leading Chinese Baijiu brand Luzhou Laojiao in the largest Chinese sponsorship deal in the history of the tournament. The partnership will be brought to life during the Australian Open by celebrating the shared values of tradition, history, celebration, culture and innovation as part of a special ‘Winning Moments’ series. Luzhou Laojiao will benefit from global exposure and brand engagement through the Australian Open partnership including international broadcast visibility and a world class hospitality offering.

Guojiao 1573 Australian Open Commemorative Edition

40% ALC/VOL ,750ML A special edition designed to celebrate Luzhou Laojiao’s partnership with the 2019 Australian Open, marking an important step in bringing the aroma of inspiration to the international community.

Guojiao 1573·National Charm

Guojiao 1573·National Charm was brewed by the team led by Ms Zeng Na who is a brewing expert, the 23rd inheritor of traditional Baijiu-making techniques of Luzhou Laojiao and national baijiu judge. With 60% abv, it expresses soft, mellow, elegant and refreshing characteristics. It’s like a man who becomes mature with time and experience.
$699.00 (Temporarily out of stock)